Dog Boarding

All Suites Include:

  • Off-the-ground bedding

  • Lots of attention from our suite attendants

  • Plenty of fresh water

  • Multiple group play sessions every day*

  • Nightly (Monday - Friday) email updates on your pet(s) and how they are doing**

  • Access to extra services via our a la carte Menu

*Depending on weather we may not be able to give full playgroups

**Depending on the amount of pets at our facility we may not be able to send them everyday

Our Presidential Suites are the largest suites we offer! At 8’ x 8’ these suites can easily accommodate multiple dogs of any size. This suite, along with the Governor, are located in the “Capital Building,” our second boarding building sitting just behind our main one. These suites are given the exact same attention as the ones in our main building and come with all the same perks! Because the suites are separate from our main building it is much quieter and a great option for dogs who don’t like a lot of noise, like older dogs and those with sensitive ears!

Our Governor Suite is a large 7’ x 7’ private room that can accommodate up to 4 dogs! These rooms are much quieter and larger than rooms in our main building and are great choices for older dogs who just want an escape from the young ones who like to make a lot of noise!

Executive Suites

Our Executive Suites offers a full 7' x 6' private space for your dog to relax.  The Executive Suite can comfortably accommodate up to three or four dogs, depending on their size. We offer 10 Executive Suites.  We offer 6 suites with windows overlooking the lobby, and 4 without windows making it a lille more private. These suites along with the Standard and Petite are located in our main boarding building.

Standard Suites

Our Standard Suites are a 4' x 6' private room with a glass door looking out into our hallway. This allows dogs to feel secure and comfortable, without feeling "caged." A Standard Suite can accommodate up to three medium sized dogs or four small dogs. We offer 40 Standard Suites. 

Petite Suites

Our Petite Suites are reserved for our tiniest of guests. The 3' x 3' space is still furnished with off-the-ground bedding. The Petite Suite can accommodate two miniature dogs or one small dog. We offer 13 Petite Suites.

Boarding Prices per Night

Number of Guests**New prices effective 07/29/2019 1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests
Petite Suite 3'x3' $22.00 $39.00 -- --
Standard Suite 4'x6' $33.00 $59.00 $86.00 $114.00
Executive Suite 7'x6' $43.00 $79.00 $118.00 $146.00
Governor Suite 7'x7'/Presidential Suite 8'x8' $52.00 $95.00 $142.00 $189.00

***During the Holiday's an additional $10.00 per night, per suite will be added due an increase in staff needed to accommodate the larger number of pets boarding during these times***

Number of Guests**New prices effective 07/29/2019** 1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests
Petite Suite $32.00 $49.00 -- --
Standard Suite $43.00 $69.00 $96.00 $124.00
Executive Suite $53.00 $89.00 $128.00 $156.00
Governor/Presidential Suites $62.00 $105.00 $152.00 $199.00
Holiday's and Dates for 2019 +$10 +$10 +$10 +$10
Memorial Day Sat 5/25 Sun 5/26 Mon 5/27 --
4th of July Wed 7/3 Thrs 7/4 -- --
Labor Day Weekend Sat 8/31 Sun 9/1 Mon 9/2 --
Thanksgiving Wed 11/27 Thur 11/28 Fri 11/29 --
Christmas Mon 12/23 Tue 12/24 Wed 12/25 Thrs 12/26
New Year's Tue 12/31 Wed 01/01 -- --

Boarding Packages **Changed how packages are used effective 07/29/2019*

Boarding packages are 10 nights of boarding that are discounted and pre-paid. Boarding package MUST be purchased prior to boarding check-in and MUST be used concurrently, not for separate boarding dates.

Number of Guests **New prices effective 07/29/2019** 1 Guest 2 Guests 3 Guests 4 Guests
10 Day Pkg Petite Suite $198.00 $349.00 -- --
10 Day Pkg Standard Suite $298.00 $529.00 $750.00 $992.00
10 Day Pkg Executive Suite $388.00 $710.00 $1038.00 $1314.00
10 Day Pkg Governor/Presidential Suites $468.00 $849.00 $1270.00 $1685.00

Items to bring when Boarding

Food and Treats

  • We ask food be individually bagged and labeled per feeding.

  • Treats may be brought if desired. Treats can also be purchased off our gourmet treat bar.

  • Due to limited storage space, we ask owners limit the size of food bags and containers.

  • Raw hides chews are absolutely not accepted.


  • If desired, toys will be kept in dog's suite the entire stay unless they are being washed. No special packaging required.


  • Suite Life provides raised beds and blankets. Personal beds, blankets, t-shirts etc. will stay in your dog's suite their entire stay unless they are being washed by staff.


  • We ask all dogs have a collar with a name tag and current Rabies tag.

  • We ask all dogs be leashed when entering our facility; any type of leash is acceptable and will be stored in the cubbie areas. If an owner does not have a leash, we have slip leads owners can be borrowed to bring dogs inside or take them back out.

  • Bowls and bowl stands are provided by Suite Life and are not required to be brought. If owner bowls are brought they MUST be labeled with the dogs first and last name.

  • If an owner prefers their dog drink bottled or other special water besides tap water, please provide a tight-sealed container labeled with your dog's name.


  • Suite Life Pet Resort cannot accept any controlled substances on this list.

  • Medication must be prescribed to the dog and must be in the original container with the original label.

  • Generic medication like Benedryl or Robitussin may be brought if needed

For additional details about what is acceptable to bring during your pet's stay, visit our policies page here.

After-Hours Pickup Fee

If an owner would like to pick up or drop off their dog outside of our normal business hours, they will first need to make an appointment for a specific time upon reservation. There will be an additional $45.00 after-hours fee added to the bill to accommodate our staff members that have to be sent to our facility.

If an after hours appointment is scheduled for drop-off or pick up and no staff is available, please call our business number at 325-704-5460 and our on-call staff member will meet you at the facility. Please allow at least 20 minutes for our staff member to arrive.

When is considered "After Hours?"

Our office is closed all day Sunday.   Pick up or drop off times must be scheduled and the "after hours" fee will be applied to any pick up or drop off done on Sunday.

On Saturdays 2:01 pm-7:00 pm.  Pick up or drop off times must be scheduled and the "after hours" fee will be applied to these pickups or drop offs.