Private pool reservations are open to all registered Suite Life Pet Resort Owners. Registering as an owner at our facility is a free and easy process and can be completed on our Sign Up page. You may rent our pool in half or full hour blocks; our 10% military discount applies to all charges at our facility, including our pool rentals.

Our pool is only available for dogs and their owners, children are not permitted to play in our pool at any time. If you and another individual are splitting the cost of renting our pool, they may be allowed in the water with their pet(s) as well.

For a full list of rules and regulations see here!

Personal Rental Prices

All personal rentals must be scheduled in advance to ensure they do not interfere with previously scheduled events or swimming lessons. To see all upcoming lessons and events , visit our Events Calendar

$35 per half hour

$70 per full hour


Private Swimming Lessons ($30 per half hour lesson)

Private Hydrotherapy ($35 for a half hour session)

Splash Time ($15 per 15 minutes)*

Dogs who have splash time must be able to swim efficiently on their own without the assistance of a life vest. If your pet cannot swim, they must have at least one swimming lesson with our instructor before being approved for access to splash time.