The Pet of the Month is......

Oliver Skogg

Oliver came into Audrey’s life two weeks before she graduated from Nursing School. She had always wanted a dog of her own and knew she needed to give them her full attention, so she waited until she graduated.

She always loved the doodle mixed breed and had a friend who has an Aussie who she had puppy sat for many times. So one day she randomly looked up “doodles” and saw AussieDoodle puppies for sale on Craig’s list. She never purchased anything on Craig’s list before but figured she would trust it. She drove with a friend to a small town about 45 min away.

They drove up and this woman had all of these puppies in a little plastic pool and she fell in love with the whole lot. As she was looking at all of the puppies this one kept looking at her. He didn’t push to be in the front to get her attention but he continued to look at her. She ignored it because she was focused on another dog (who honestly didn’t want anything to do with her). The breeders mom pointed out the little puppy who kept looking at her. So she gave in and picked the little guy up. He then kissed her and snuggled between her neck and shoulder. So long story short... Ollie chose her!!! He is the best thing that has happened to Audrey coming out of college. “It’s scary not knowing where you’re going and once we (or I) decided to stay in Abilene (which is 4 hours away from my family) I knew that I would have someone to be with me when I get homesick. He is derpy and clumsy but so and I. We are perfect for each other. I love him so much and I can’t wait for us to live our best life’s!”